Book Bundle Box

These boxes contain

- Donkey soup, An Irish Bog Imp Tale book

-  A colouring page and pencils

- A soft imp of your choice

- A fridge magnet

- A Big Imp Sticker.


All for £20. (Hedgeroot says that’s a real bargain.) 


{ Donkey Soup }


Hedgeroot has woken up REALLY hungry, and when a Bog Imp is that hungry, only one thing will do - Donkey Soup.


Hedgeroot and his friends Muckfoot and Dryleaf head for Granny Greybeard's farm to catch themselves a donkey, but the Bog Imps soon realise that when you're only eight inches tall, messing with a great fat hairy donkey is not a good idea.


Suitable for ages wee to big.

Book Bundle Box

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