Notes from Richard...

2021 is set to be a busy year with a multitude of new characters coming your way, as well as the third instalment of the Irish Bog Imp Tales!

Coming up...

In early February, 'Titch Magee: the Pilfering Pixie' will be hitting the shelves. Titch is a light fingered pixie, who’s stealing gets him into all kinds of scrapes.


The third book in the Irish Bog Imp Tales series - ‘Big Knickers.’ It will be going to Kevin for illustration in March, with a hopeful release date of June.

I’m also planning to release two new stories before the years end...

‘The Thumbaloo’ - A tale of a tiny household beast the size of a bumble bee. 

‘Bogies.’ - Who will be the winner of this year's Bogieman/woman award? You decide! 

Lockdown has given me plenty of breathing space and the creative juices are flowing. Currently i'm working on the sequel to Titch Magee - ‘Titch Magee and the seven seas’ and another book for older readers ‘The Witches of East Wicklow. 

I'd like to thank everyone who bought books from me in 2020 - every book sold helps to feed a greedy bog imp.

Stay safe. 


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