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Meet the Mischief Makers

Hedgeroot is the leader of the Stradermot Bog Imp clan. He is well loved by all the Imps of the bog, but it is Dryleaf and Muckfoot who are his closest companions. He is kind to all, but incredibly greedy, even for an imp. If Hedgroot isn’t eating, he is thinking about eating. He’s the maker of grub and holder of Old Ma Hedgeroot’s recipes. 



Dryleaf was left in the turf too long and his little bog imp brain grew bigger than the other imps. He is the clan’s scribe and cave painter. He also teaches the clan’s Implets when they sit still, which is very rare.


One eyed Muckfoot is the clan’s Hedgehogherd and teller of tales, by far the bravest of the Stradermot clan it is said she lost her eye protecting her prickly charges from some hungry crows. It is believed that she tells Richard, scribe of the big folk, her clans stories in return for the black pudding that he fries for her on his camping stove as she recounts her adventure.




Mittens O’Malley is what’s known as an urban fairy. Like foxes, pigeons, and snowmen he moved into the big city in the hopes of having an easier life. The little fairy arrived at number 14 fig bun street hidden deep within a Christmas tree and here he made his home. Mittens grew to love Christmas with all his heart and decided that one day he would get a job in Santa’s workshop. The one problem Mittens had was that Irish fairies are naughty by nature and Christmas is a time to be good.

Luckily for Mittens Santa can see the value in everyone and he found Mittens the perfect job in his workshop where he works checking the naughty list to this day. 


Titch Magee

Perhaps it’s because he was raised by magpies (who we all know love to pilfer shiny things!) but Titch Magee will take anything that’s not nailed down, be it Prince Charming's shampoo or the big bad wolf's inhaler. Crime however, really doesn’t pay and Titch Magee more often than not gets himself in trouble.

His one true friend is a golden goose named Number Three, who Titch pilfered from an industrial golden egg factory. The goose was forever grateful and Titch and Number Three are now as thick as thieves. 

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