Richard McCloskey-Wall; Author

Working as a character artist, the creatures I create seem so full of personality, that they cry out for a back story. You start to think, where would this little creature live? What would it’s habits be? How would they interact with the real world? Muckfoot was the first of the imps that seemed to have a fully formed personality.

She sat on a shelf in my workshop in Leitrim and every time she caught my eye I would begin thinking of her story. Hedgeroot and Dryleaf soon followed and whilst on a walk in the boggy fields of Stadermot, (an area near my workshop in Ballinamore) the Bog Imp tales started to take shape.

I approached local artist Kevin McHugh to see if he would illustrate the books. I was delighted when he agreed as I always loved his work and thought our two styles would work really well together. We set to work and with the help of lots of cups to tea and generous slices of apple tart, we brought the Irish Bog Imp tales to life. 

Kevin McHugh; Illustrator

Richard and I recognised in each other from the moment we met that we both come from the same world, a world where the stories are REAL.

Having spent much of my formative years working in my father's bog I immediately declared myself fully qualified to illustrate his books. Luckily I can draw a bit too.

Working with Richard to help visualise his tales is so much fun, there's such a depth of character and back story hints that my job is pretty easy.

I love Irish folklore and all the creatures and bogies we call our own so it's the dream to help build a brand new mythology - a newly discovered strain of Faerie!


On Sundays - St George's Market, Belfast

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