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Richard McCloskey-Wall; Author & Illustrator

They say everyone has a book inside them, mine just happened to be full of odd looking little creatures that make mischief wherever they go.(‘it’s not autobiographical, I promise.) It all started with a ball of clay that turned into a little imp that I decided should be called Muckfoot. She was soon joined by a plethora of others. They sat on a shelf in my studio and soon I was dreaming up what sort of shenanigans they would get up to and I put pen to paper.

That’s when Kevin got involved. I met Kevin McHugh at a convention where we were both selling our wares, me my sculptures and Kevin his amazing artwork. He mentioned that he illustrated children’s books and that was it,it all just came together and Donkey soup was published. It turns out there was more than one book in me and Since then there have been four more books including a book of dark fairytales for adults, I’ve even put pen to paper and illustrated a couple myself. All that from a ball of clay, i hope that you get as much enjoyment from reading my books as I do creating them, and thank you for supporting an indie author.

Kevin McHugh; Illustrator

Richard and I recognised in each other from the moment we met that we both come from the same world, a world where the stories are REAL.

Having spent much of my formative years working in my father's bog I immediately declared myself fully qualified to illustrate his books. Luckily I can draw a bit too.

Illustrator: Kevin McHugh

Working with Richard to help visualise his tales is so much fun, there's such a depth of character and back story hints that my job is pretty easy.

I love Irish folklore and all the creatures and bogies we call our own so it's the dream to help build a brand new mythology - a newly discovered strain of Faerie!

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