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What is an Irish Bog Imp?

The common Irish Bog Imp (Bogus Impis.) are mostly found in the Irish wetlands. The Irish Bog Imp, according to local folklore, is a cousin to the Irish Faerie. It is said, that they where cast out of the Faerie realm by the queen of the Fae for their bad manners. 

The only written accounts of these odd little creatures come from the storyteller Richard McCloskey-Wall who claims to have actually spoken with the Bog Imp, Muckfoot while walking by Shuckmuck bog. He has since made a written record of her stories in The Irish Bog Imp tales.

Eat like an Irish bog imp!

Imp-ortant Imp-formation

1. Bog imps have a small root on the top of their head. The common Bog Imp is not born but grown in the rich turf of the bog. The parent Imp gives a magic seed/bean to the Stradermot  Will-o-wisp, who then plants it in a secret nursery, deep in the bog. As the Implings grow, they absorb the knowledge of the bog.


2. If you ever see a Bog Imp, chances are, it’s up to no good. Irish Bog Imps love to make mischief.  The clue is in the name - Definition: Imp. noun- a small mischievous Faerie or Sprite. An offering of food usually keeps them in check though. 

3. Bog Imps have two different coloured eyes. It is said that the distant ancestors of todays Imps were cursed by the Fae Queen, for farting loudly during her coronation. She gave each Imp from then till now, odd eyes so that they would never be mistaken for their Faerie cousins.  


4. Bog imps have awful manners (see above).


5. Imps love their grub and eat all sorts of odd things including roasted sparrow feet, toad in the hole, (made with real toads.) and Irish shrew. They are also absolutely obsessed with donkey soup. Hedgeroot holds the recipe passed down from old Ma Hedgroot, although it is unclear from Muckfoot’s accounts if the imps have ever managed to actually make any.  

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