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The Big Bog Imp Book Hunt.

This year world book day was a little different, it’s hard to keep motivated when we are restricted to our home towns so I decided to hold the first big Bog Imp book hunt in Belfast where I live. To be honest I felt like a bit of an eejit racing around Belfast with a giant Titch Magee under my arm. I wasn’t even sure anyone would take part, then as I was leaving the first book I saw someone race up looking for it. It turns out I needn’t have worried - a good few people took part and it was a real joy to see the photos of children clutching my books with massive grins on their faces.

It’s been a year since the first book was published and that's the thing that still really surprises me about the whole thing, the enjoyment I get from seeing a child love my books. it’s the best feeling in the world and it keeps me going.

I’m currently sat with my dog, Coco, working my way through the illustrations for the second Titch book. Lockdown has also given me time to write another four books so there will be plenty of Bog Imps, monsters, and even a hairy little Bigfoot to see us through 2021. Thanks for your support. Richard.

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