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The Naughty Fairy's Christmas - Hardback
When the naughty Irish fairy, Mittens O’Malley arrives at number 14 Figbun Street, hidden in a Christmas tree, he soon finds himself falling in love with Christmas and everything about it. But Christmas is not a good time to be naughty... or is it? The naughty fairy’s christmas is a heartwarming tale of friendship, guinea poo, and of never changing who you are to fit in. Suitable for ages wee to big. This book will be printed in glorious hardback, and will be a beautiful addition to your Christmas. 

The Naughty Fairy's Christmas - Hardback

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    In the unlikely event you are not happy with your purchase, you have 14 days to return the book for a refund. This will depend on the book returning in the same new condition if was sent out in.

  • International postage also available.

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